Location: UNHCR Office, Opposite of al-Andalus Hospital, Kafarsouseh, Damascus, Syria Plot area: 330 sq. m Total built-up area: 1340 sq. m KFA was responsible of performing renovation works for KS3 building of UNHCR. The building consists of a ground floor, three floors, a basement, and a roof. KFA’s renovation works included: • For All Floors: Paint works, sanitary maintenance works, moisture treatment works, and instalment of new gypsum board partitions. The work also included providing electrical boards, air conditions, and doors. For Basement: Supplying and installing the Earthing system, casting concrete floors, and preparing shelter rooms. • For Roof: Insulation works, and solar system maintenance. KFA was also responsible of: • Executing: the reception area, 3 precast booths, asphalt ground for the parking area, and an overhead protection roof for the parking. • Security works: supplying and installing a general alarm system, fire detection system, fire extinguisher, and emergency plans and signs. • ITC works: network outlets and dual electrical outlets.