People´s Hall Competition

Client: LAND Consulting and Engineering Location: Erbil, Iraq Plot area: 3,700 sq. m Concept: the theater is considered a monument that represents Erbil’s heritage and conserves it. The goal was achieved by using Erbil’s fortress as an inspiration for all the architectural forms. Representing the idea that this monument is a gateway of knowledge and culture, a large gate was installed at the entrance with the same feel as Erbil’s fortress. The building consists of 2 floors and 2 underground floors: • 2 underground floors: 1. (-4.5 meters) contains storage, backstage areas, electromechanical rooms, and parking that accommodates 54 car parking lots. 2. (- 8 meters) contains parking that accommodates 111 car parking lots. • Ground Floor that is divided into two levels: 1. (+-0) contains a reception area, lobby, administration, theater, and backstage. 2. (+4) contains the entrance to the upper level of the theater, a rehearsal hall 100 sq. m, and a café for 90 people. • First Floor: 2 rehearsal halls; 100 sq. m and 60 sq. m. The building accommodates 165 car parking lots. The theater accommodates 850 people and consists of two levels: • Level (+-0): accommodates 700 people. • Level (+4): accommodates 150 people.